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We can arrange to have our trainers meet with you in your area to teach our courses. We have found this to be beneficial and cuts down the cost and overtime issues. Please call for further details.

Some of our courses require experienced handlers and canines. Our advanced/tactical canine course pushes handlers and canines to the next level. We do this through scenario based training with real life situations. The teams are given stressful situations to deal with, we believe in training to a higher standard to maximize the teams potential. This course is not designed for new teams.

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Maintenance Plans

We offer monthly maintenance training contracts to Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. We will arrange for one of our highly experienced trainers to meet with your canine unit at your selected training location in your area. We can provide an agitator and all the equipment for the training days. We can customize the contract to best fit your agencies and canine units needs. We currently have training groups throughout the state. We provide up to date and advanced K9 training for today's very challenging Law Enforcement Personnel and Military. No matter how big or small your K9 unit is we can provide training. We have developed new deployment techniques to help LE handlers with today's very challenging career. With today's new technology for LE, like body worn cameras we in the K9 world need to continue to change and evolve with our training techniques. We provide expert testimony for your agency and courtroom preparation for your handlers. During our maintenance training our highly experienced staff will continue to cover K9 case law and updates with handlers and administrators to keep them up to date on current K9 issues. Our training groups are limited to a ratio of 8 K9 teams per trainer, we have found this to benefit the training groups and allow for more training per K9 team. Please call for prices and details.